June 2, 2023

Instagram Videos Ideas: 5 Famous Tips To Make Killer Videos

Instagram Videos Ideas 5 Famous Tips To Make Killer Videos

The power of videos is limitless on Instagram and very huge is the potential to improve Instagram page engagement, grow your social media presence and successfully promote your product or services to a massive audience. According to recent research, Instagram video posts are getting 38% higher engagement than normal posts. So, it is essential to create more video content to grow your Instagram profile. 

The users on Instagram share more than 100+ million posts daily on the platform. But how do you make Instagram videos stand out from the crowd and boost your profile engagement? Here are the five easy tips to make killer videos to impress your potential audience on Instagram and boost your Instagram page. 

Tip 1: Share High-Quality Videos

People like to watch high-quality content on any social media platform, especially on Instagram. Creating a compelling video on Instagram provides excellent value to your audience and encourage them to like and share proudly. 

You don’t have to get a professional camera to shoot a high-quality video. The smartphone with good camera options is enough to shoot eye-catching videos. In addition, Instagram has plenty of effects, filters, and stickers to make your video look attractive and gain more potential audiences. 

Tip 2: Choose A Perfect Thumbnail

Having an eye catchy thumbnail is the most effective way to grab the user’s attention in the first few seconds. When uploading an Instagram video, you can choose a cover image for your content. Find a great shot in your Instagram video and make it as your cover image. 

A good quality cover image with attractive colours is the best way to boost your audience to watch your videos. In addition, use Instagram inbuilt editing or select some online image editing tool to make your cover image attractive to your potential audience. 

Tip 3: Add catchy Captions

According to the research, many people on Instagram watch videos without turning the sound on. So adding captions in your videos will help your audience understand your content without sounds. In addition, writing catchy captions will grab people’s attention faster and engage them with your Instagram content. 

Always keep your captions short because too much text will make your audience skip the next videos. Add relevant hashtags in your captions to improve your video visibility and discoverability on Instagram. Also, use attractive emojis to draw user attention and encourage them to engage with your content. 

Tip 4: Keep Your Videos Short

People spend more time watching short videos than longer ones. Instagram recently launched its new “Reels” feature, which lets users share short videos of up to 30 to 60 seconds with music and effects. 

Create damn good short videos to  make people react positively to your Instagram reels thus gaining newer audiences for your Instagram profile. Whether you are a brand or individual, posting reels videos make your profile engaging with unique content and capture your target audiences. 

Tip 5: Cross Promote Your Instagram Videos

Once uploading videos on Instagram, cross-promote them on other social media profiles. For instance, if you posted a reels video in your feed, you can repost Instagram reels in your story to boost the engagement rate. Additionally, if you did an Instagram live, save it and post as an IGTV and keep it in your profile forever. 

Sharing your videos on other social channels will help you to attract your target audience on other platforms. Use YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat to promote your Instagram videos and expand your profile reach among a massive audience. 

Summing Up

Creating awesome content on Instagram will help the algorithm to push your videos on the explore page to gain a higher engagement rate. If you are a brand or content creator, making authentic videos is the best way to strengthen your profile reach on Instagram. So the above five useful tips will help you to make your next Instagram video that takes your social media presence to the next level.