March 26, 2023

How to Make the most of Instagram Shopping Insights

How to Make the most of Instagram Shopping Insights

With more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, Instagram has become an ideal platform for eCommerce businesses. That’s because, over the past few years, Instagram has managed to attract brands, consumers, and influencers into a single platform. According to the stats, nearly 83% of users discover new products on Instagram every day, and 90% of people follow at least one business account on Instagram. 

That’s why brands jump into Instagram to expand their reach and sell products to increase their conversion rate to the greater level. In recent years brands had to direct their audience to a target website to checkout. But Instagram changed it by introducing the shopping feature. This amazing feature lets businesses and marketers sell their products on Instagram across several countries. 

Are you curious to know about Instagram’s shopping feature? You are at the right place! Let’s now start to learn everything about Instagram shopping and how you can track the success with your shopping posts. 

What Are Instagram Shopping Posts?

Instagram shopping remains a game-changing feature for brands and businesses to increase their sales revenue. Using this feature allows you to open a store and upload your products to showcase it to audiences by tagging through  your reels, stories, feeds and live posts. Instead of making your target audiences visit your website, providing a shop inside the Instagram application remains an easy way for audiences to make a purchase.. 

Instagram shopping allows eCommerce brands and marketers to convert their audience into buyers in just a few clicks. In addition, Instagram has recently introduced a “Payments in chat” feature that enables users to chat with businesses and make purchases directly through Instagram DMs. 

How To Track Your Instagram Shopping Insights

We all know tracking analytics on Instagram is the perfect way to improve your Instagram marketing strategy. Tracking and measuring the performance of your posts and product tags are important for your business growth. Get through the below insights to track your posts’ analytics:

View IG Shopping Insights Through Instagram App

To view your Instagram shopping insights, go to the shoppable post and click “View Insights.” Then swipe up the tap to view full insights on your tagged product posts. There you will see the following insights:

Product Views:

It allows you to see the total number of times users clicked on your tagged post to view your product page.

Product Button Clicks:

It enables you to get the total number of times users tabbed on the purchase button via the product page. 

Why Is Instagram Shopping Insights Important?

As a brand, you need to know the importance and benefits of Instagram shopping to level up your business on the platform. Get through the following points that shows the importance of Instagram shopping metrics:

#1: To Boost Engagement

Once you find and understand your target audience, create content to increase the audience engagement and interactions. Instagram shopping insights shows the normal posts, reels, or carousels having higher engagement. So post content accordingly to increase video likes, views, comments, and shares. Along with creating engaging content, you could maintain consistent post engagement through auto likes from real Instagram profiles. This in turn would strengthen your video visibility, drive more profile visits and boost engagement rate on the platform. 

#2: Understanding Your Target Audience

For beginners and startups, Instagram shopping insights help them understand how their posts perform on the platform. With these insights, you can easily find your target audiences and create content for their needs and interests. The better you understand and know your target audience, the easier it will help you to stand out from the crowd. Create engaging content, use filters and effects to make your video attractive, and encourage potential audiences to make a purchase. 

#3: Increase Sales

Once you understand your audience and know which content works best for your brand, you will likely increase sales conversions. Because you are providing your audience everything they desire. Tracking your metric regularly will help you to figure out which posts are getting higher engagement and sales conversion on the platforms. 

Final Thoughts

Share authentic content with your audience to supercharge your success on Instagram. Plan your product tags effectively to drive sales and increase your content reach organically. Since Instagram has billions of active users, promoting your product among engaging audiences with attractive promotion is the perfect way to generate sales conversion. I hope this article will help you convert your followers into customers using the amazing Instagram shopping features.